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India: Imphal City, Capital of the State of Manipur

Imphal is the capital of the state of Manipur in extreme eastern India.

It is here that Suraj Arambam shepherds a church along with Ajit Khongbantabam, who is an evangelist. Through one-on-one evangelism, as well as, preaching/teaching outreach events, they and their church are working together with the Holy Spirit to make disciples of Jesus Christ and also establish new churches in the Phibou and Patsoi areas of Imphal City. Please pray for their ministry: Inter-tribal warfare plagues Manipur and this environment can severely hamper Christian outreach to Hindus and Muslims. (Operation World, Prayer Information)

If you click on this link to the At Christ’s Table facebook page, you’ll find posted monthly reports and photos of their work in India:!/atchriststable?fref=ts

 We enjoy a wonderful friendship with these brothers in the Lord. Along with supplying our ministry resources for teaching and equipping, I carry on a very personable and rich correspondence with them, which enables me to partner in their work with spiritual counseling and mentorship.

Our ministry is supporting their work both spiritually and financially. Suraj supports his family (wife, Bembem, and two boys) through his employment as a journalist. The funds we send monthly help support Ajit and his wife, Thoibi, enabling him to dedicate time to traveling the surrounding areas sharing the gospel.

We would like to be able to supply more ministry resources, for example, Audibibles in the Meitei language (Davaar Partners International) for the many oral learners to whom they are reaching out.   

At Christ’s Table Ministries is not a 501 (C) (3) organization, and therefore does not offer “tax deductions for charitable contributions”; but, if you would like to help further the Cause of Christ in India through these two humble and faithful servants, you can make contributions through PayPal via our email address: Send us an email telling us what funds you would like to designate for the work in India. We will send you a confirmation, and allocate your funds with all integrity.
Thank you!

“The love of Christ possesses us,
therefore we have determined
to no longer live for ourselves
but for Him Who died and rose again for us.”

[2 Corinthians 5:14 paraphrased]


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