At Christ’s Table School

 “A wide and effective door of the word to speak of the mystery of Christ”

(Acts 19:9-10, 1 Corinthians 16:9, Colossians 4:3)

“The things which you have heard from me … entrust these to faithful people who will be able to teach others also.”
(2 Timothy 2:2)


Teacher, Bill Furioso, offers a guided course of study free of charge to faithful disciples of Christ who desire to pursue Revelation of Christ, Relationship with Christ, and Reflection of Christ.  

  • Digital teaching articles. 
  • Study at your own pace. 
  • One-on-one mentoring.

The scope and sequence of this course of study is based upon a 50-year Bible-teaching ministry in churches, seminars, and conferences on four continents; and is designed to establish Christ followers on the Firm Foundation of God, consisting of Revelation of Christ, Relationship with Christ, and Reflection of Christ.


The goal of this course of study is to equip those who desire to be “diligent to show themselves approved to God, accurately handling the word of truth”. (2 Timothy 2:15) and, in turn, to entrust these truths to faithful people who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)


  • A teaching in the form of a .PDF file will be sent to you via WhatsApp. This will not be in sections, but rather the entire teaching in one file.
  • You can read and study the teaching article at your own pace. You can ask Bill questions, and/or discuss the teaching with him via email or WhatsApp.
  • The goal is for you to “digest” the teaching and share it with those in your communities that which you have received from the Spirit and the word in your own way, as you are led by the Spirit.
  • When you finish studying the teaching, send Bill a short paragraph on WhatsApp summarizing the teaching and what you received from it.
  • When Bill receives that, he will then send you the next teaching.
  • Bil will keep a record of which teachings you have completed.


  • You can work at your own pace. (There is no hurry.)
  • You can stop any time you wish.
  • If you do not send Bill the summary, he will not send you the next teaching.
  • If after some time he has not heard from you regarding the teachings, you will be dropped from the course.
  • New teachings will always be added.


“God bless you Brother William, I really thank God, that I came across your teachings through brother Paul Rapoza. I believe God wants me to study under your feet. I don’t believe it is a coincidence.” _ Emmanuel Tsegay_ Frankfort, Germany

 “I’m looking forward to this school and the mentorship. There were many times your writings have helped clarify or explain something I’ve known/felt in my spirit but unable to communicate or explain clearly. I’m thankful for your ministry.” _ Amber Gutierrez_Houston, Texas

 “I am so much humbled by all the subject topics you have continually sent me. I am so much encouraged to learn from you. You uplift my spirit and make me grow in a strong biblical foundation which you plant me on. Very good indeed. I thank God for putting you in my life, so that you are able to mould me accordingly in this spiritual growth. I have nothing more to add on to this except to say that where I have reached with my studies for sure tells a lot in my life. Continue feeding me with the word of God as you build me in a strong foundation of the Lord. Thank you and feel welcome always as you continue equipping me. Blessings.” _Zephaniah Owino_Kisumu, Kenya

 “Now, I’m seeing a big change in my Life because of reading your lessons. And when the people I teach see me explaining more and referring them to many scriptures, they feel happy and pray blessings on you who is mentoring me. I’m happy to have a partner/ mentor cares for me through naturing me in the word of God. I and the group I have been with we are more than happy because of your commitment shown to us.!” _ Joshua Mugabe_ Kijoyera, Uganda

 “I want to say that it was planned from eternity to come across your platform. Thank you immensely. You sure have a disciple here learning from you. Awaiting the next teaching. God bless you, sir.” _ James Patrick _ Delta State, Nigeria

 “Thank you so much for the writings/teachings – such a gift!”  _ Denise Walsh _ Elkin, North Carolina


Email Bill Furioso:

  • Please include your WhatsApp phone number, your full name, and your city/town and country.
  • After Bill receives your contact information, YOU connect with him on WhatsApp, and we will begin the course of study.
  • CONNECT ON WHATSAPP: +15857473906 (At Christ’s Table Ministries)


(This list of teachings is continually being updated.)


101-Foundation Stones

102-The Drawing of the Holy Spirit
103-The Meaning of Repentance

104-Coming to Faith in God
105-The Meaning of Baptism

106-Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit

107-You Must Be Born Again


201-Called & Changed
202-Wrestling for the Blessing
203-Quo Vadis
204- Forsaking All to Follow Jesus
205-The Spirit of the World
206-The Church: A Community for Transformation

300-Laying the Foundation

301-The Apostles’ Teaching

302-The Power of His Resurrection
303-The Foundation of the Church
304-The Foundation of the Apostles & Prophets

305-Laying the Foundation
306-Seeing Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews

307-And His Name Will Be Called…

308-Seeking the Lord

400-Spiritual Formation

401-Spiritual Life & Growth

402-The Church: A Community for Transformation
403-Abide in the Vine
404-The Father’s Heart
405-The God-centered Life
406-Transformation of Self
407-Purity of Heart


501-Walking with Sorrow
502-The Treasures of Darkness
503-A Terrifying Thing

600-The Cross of Christ

601-The Way of the Cross
602-Who Is This King of Glory?
603-Seeing the Kingdom Through the Cross
604-The Cross & The Powers of Darkness
605-The Weakness of God

700-The Church which is His Body

701-Christ is Prerequisite to Church
702-Concerning Gatherings
703-Hearing What the Spirit Says to the Church
704-Spiritual Gifts
705-From Children to a Mature Man
706-Christ-centered Discipleship & Equipping Ministries
707-The Foundation of the Apostles & Prophets
708-Headship, Leadership & The Body
709-The Fellowship of the Spirit

710-Breaking of Bread
711-Worship in Spirit & Truth.

712-The Power of True Praise

800-Doctrinal Studies

801-Relating to the Triune God

802-The Mysteries of God

803-Deconstruction, Deconversion, & Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

804-The Gospel of the Lion & The Lamb

805-The Israel of God

900-Additional Ministry Resources

901-Changed: A Closer Look at Things Relating to Conversion

902-Good?: Jesus the Evangelist

903-The Character of the King & His Kingdom: A Study Guide of the Beatitudes

904-Heroic: Turning the Hearts of Spiritual Fathers & Children

905-Facing the Future: Living with Faith & Wisdom

906-Kingdom Households: Bearing One Another’s Burdens & The Law of Christ

907-The Husbandman: Cultivating Disciples

908-Supporting the Work of Ministry: An Overview of New Covenant Finances

909-A New & Living Way: A Series of Articles on New Covenant Worship

910-The Vineyard of the Lord: The Condition & Commission of the Church

911-A Remnant Will Return: A Series of Articles on the Ekklesia

912-A Foundation for a Biblical Aesthetic: God-centered Art as an Essential Form of Worship

913-IN the World, But Not OF the World: A Series of Articles on Politics