Our Story: For the Cause of Christ

“Our Story: For the Cause of Christ” consists of a series of brief articles based on our life and ministry experience of 13 years living and ministering throughout the nation of South Africa, including a number of missions to Brazil, as well as an additional 27 years of ministering into 20 different nations via the Internet. Today, we have continuing ministry partnerships with friends that go back 40 years. And we continue to develop new friendships with the Lord’s people in nations around the world.

In “Our Story”, we share from our personal walk with God and ministry experience Spirit-taught lessons and principles, and applicable practices based on Scripture. You can browse around the various articles according to your personal interest. However, these articles are being presented in a kind of scope and sequence in which one concept builds upon another. This is a “work in progress”… I will be adding additional articles periodically. So, check back from time to time, as we continue to write “Our Story”.