Biblical Spirituality

I am convinced that, particularly in the age in which we live, the adjective, “biblical”, has become of utmost importance.  It is definitive, separating true Christianity from all that is not according to Christ.  There are many false Christs, but the true Christ is a “biblical” Christ – that is, the One that has been revealed by the Spirit of God through the scriptures commonly known as The Bible. There have always been vain philosophies of human device, along with

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The Bible: The Written Words of God

  “I recommend the following for open-minded and intelligent people who are searching for the true God and true peace of soul.”  Don Richardson, author of Eternity In Their Hearts from his forward to the book The God Who Is Real by Dr. Henry Morris. The following is an excerpt from The God Who Is Real by Dr. Henry Morris, the author of many well-known books on Christian evidences and the scientific accuracy of the Bible. He is president of the Institute for Creation Research and professor of hydrology, having served on faculties of

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