Abide in the Vine

By considering the context in John’s gospel where Jesus told His disciples to “abide in Me”, we can better understand what it means to Abide in The Vine. We can get insight into WHY Jesus exhorted His disciples in this way shortly before His arrest, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. There is much to learn about “abiding in the Vine” but we can begin by making this clear and simple deduction: Without abiding in Him, we will not be able to love one another as He commanded, nor be able to stand faithful against the hatred and persecution of the world.

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Quo Vadis

God is always moving forward in His kingdom plans and purposes. He never moves backward. And for those who love Him, He never stops moving in our lives for His glory. But to continue moving on with God “from glory to glory” requires our living “from faith to faith”. It takes an act of faith