Foundation Stones

Joined to the Cornerstone

Knowing & Experiencing Christ in, and by, and through Sound Doctrine

Throughout the Old Testament, we see stones placed as memorials of experiential encounters with the Lord. In the New Covenant also there are foundational “stones”, as it were – foundational experiences of Christ. We need to be “devoted to the apostles teaching” which “lays the Foundation” of Christ. There are foundational doctrines upon which we should build our spiritual house, so we need to “take heed how we build”. We also need to experience sound doctrine. We cannot communicate what we do not know and understand. We cannot give to others what we do not have. We cannot share what we have not experienced. Therefore, knowing and experiencing Christ in and by and through sound doctrine is a pre-requisite to being a witness of Jesus Christ.

“Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:28)
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Quo Vadis

God is always moving forward in His kingdom plans and purposes. He never moves backward. And for those who love Him, He never stops moving in our lives for His glory. But to continue moving on with God “from glory to glory” requires our living “from faith to faith”. It takes an act of faith