Why Study the Bible?

“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have  eternal life; and it is they  that bear witness about me … “   John 5:39

I am convinced that, particularly in the age in which we live, the  adjective, “biblical”, has become of  utmost importance.It is definitive, separating true Christianity from all that is not according  to Christ.There are many false Christs,  but the true  Christ is a “biblical” Christ – that is, the One that has been revealed by the Spirit of God  through the scriptures commonly known as The Bible.

There have always been vain philosophies of human device, along with  false religions
in pursuit of false deities.But there is also a “christianity” which ought not to be called Christianity – that is, a false  christianity – a christianity that is not biblically based.True Christianity is a biblical Christianity – the  Christianity, originally known as “The Way”[1], which Jesus initiated – the Christianity that is delineated in the Bible.Therefore, the term “biblical” is  definitive, separating the true Christ and true Christianity from all that  is otherwise.

The Bible has wrongfully received some “bad press” in recent years. Its detractors are, I believe, intellectually  dishonest.I say this because I have  never once read nor heard a detractor of the Bible convincingly display that he  or she actually had much personal knowledge of the Bible.They either quote someone else who has also  not studied the Bible; or they arrogantly spout smug statements contrary to the  Bible which are scientifically unfounded and/or historically unverified.You may think of me as being “cynical”, but  this is what I think is motivating the satanic activity behind most of the  detractors of the Bible: Money and success.The acceptance of doctoral dissertations, as well as, the awarding of  publishing contracts all too often go to those who will purport the “weird and wonderful”. Much scientific theorizing (being presented as “fact”) is simply done in an effort to gain grant monies and/or to maintain “job security” in the academic and scientific fields.The plethora of pop-academics, pseudo-scientists, and humanistic theologians writing books and appearing on TV are making a good living off the masses who are literally buying into “the pitch” fueling their lucrative speaking and writing careers. And, unfortunately, if someone does not have  sufficient time to research true science and history as well as, study what the  Bible is really all about, it seems expedient to just assume that these  self-proclaimed experts know what they are talking about.In this way, those with financial and  quasi-religious/philosophical agendas have been able to mislead those who are  Biblically illiterate.And this has been  the case throughout human history.

The Bible addresses the ultimate questions in life, and we really cannot afford to try “do life” without the answers.One just does not want to be uninformed regarding the Bible.I firmly believe there are many people who are interested in investigating and knowing for themselves the truth of what the Bible is really all about.But many of these same people are “turned  off” to some Christians and feel that most church ministry “does not relate” to  their lives.I usually can agree with  all their criticisms.At the same time,  most of these same people have never had the opportunity (or never taken the  opportunity) to experience authentic  Christianity. i.e. The Way which Jesus initiated – biblical Christianity. And, because of their negative reaction to  people, they never truly respond to God.i.e. They try to “do life” without knowing the God Who is the Author, the  Giver, the Sustainer, and the Perfector of life.

This God has chosen to reveal  Himself – through His creation, then  through the Old and New Testament scriptures of the Bible, and ultimately,  through His Son, Jesus Christ.We can  see a reflection of God in the creation; and He has most perfectly revealed  Himself through the Man, Jesus of Nazareth.But we cannot sufficiently know Him, His Spirit nor His Christ as He intended, without knowing the biblical scriptures through which He has chosen to  reveal Himself.In fact, the Spirit of  God has inspired the scriptures, given us the scriptures, and preserved the scriptures through the ages specifically so that humanity could cease “groping  in the dark”[2], and be able to seek, find, and come  to know and love their Creator and Redeemer.The word of God, speaking through  the biblical scriptures, is “living and active”[3].The Bible is an “inter-active” book in the truest sense of the word.God created us because He is pleased by  having relationship with us. We relate  to a living God, not to a book. But you  cannot relate to One you do not know, nor “worship what you do not  know”[4]. The parameters of our worship of God and relationship with God are determined by of revelation of God, which is found primarily in the biblical scriptures. God inspired, gave, and preserved the  biblical scriptures for the express  purpose of revealing Himself to those with whom He desires relationship and to  facilitate that relationship with Himself.

We really cannot afford to ignore the Bible – it is the revelation of the Author, Giver,  Sustainer and Perfector of Life.Jesus, the Living Word, said: “The Thief comes only to steal kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it  abundantly.”[5] Here, He is talking to people who already  have a physical existence. He is obviously referring to a “life” which is  above and beyond the biological.The  Greek word here is zoë, meaning spiritual ife.Jesus also said: “Life is spiritual. Your  physical existence doesn’t contribute to that life. The words that I have spoken to you are  spiritual. They are life.[6] These life-giving words are the words of God, the Author, the Giver, the  Sustainer, the Perfector of Life.These  words are given to us in the biblical scriptures. 

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We have a God-given  calling to teach the Bible. We have been  walking in that calling for 50 years teaching in 100’s churches and 100’s  of homes on 4 continents. We intend to  continue to follow this call until we die. So, we teach the Bible and endeavor to help people receive these “words  of life” which God has given.

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