The Way of God & the Way of Humanity

The Difference Between Theology & Politics:  

The Kingdom of the Lord and His Christ & the kingdoms of this World

What I have to offer in this essay is at variance with the current conventional “Evangelical” perspectives and political activities. (In fact, it equally flies in the face of the disposition of most “Progressive Christians”, as well as most non-Christians.) And that is this: The current conventional “Evangelical” perspective of the Kingdom of God is askew, and the seeming majority of American Christians are unfortunately “showing their faith by their works”. (James 2:18) What I mean is this: Their political fervor reveals what is truly the central object of their faith, that which they believe in, trust in, depend upon, lean upon – and that is specifically, political influence and power, rather than the influence and power of the Spirit of God. This fits in with secular materialism, but is out of place with biblical Christianity. I believe that the essential issue involves truly “seeing”, “entering” and “living” in the Kingdom of God. (John 3:3-5)

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Quo Vadis

God is always moving forward in His kingdom plans and purposes. He never moves backward. And for those who love Him, He never stops moving in our lives for His glory. But to continue moving on with God “from glory to glory” requires our living “from faith to faith”. It takes an act of faith