Evil, Some Thoughts On (Audio)

Why is there evil?  Does God cause evil? Does He allow evil? Why would God allow evil? What is evil? I have found that the unveiling of truths contained in Scripture regarding evil and the spiritual forces of evil, have actually served to increase my personal perception of God and His spiritual domain. It has … Read more

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Christ is Prerequisite for Church (Audio)

Introduction   Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church. We cannot discern the Body until we first discern the Head. We cannot understand the mystery of the Church until we understand the mystery of Christ. Jesus is building His Church through revelation of Himself. As we pursue the revelation of Christ, He builds … Read more

Drawing of the Holy Spirit (Audio)

The subject matter of this message concerns the influence of the Holy Spirit on the human soul during the conversion-regeneration process. By this term, “conversion-regeneration process”, is meant specifically the process of coming to “repentance” and “faith” in Christ, which would be followed by regeneration. The process being discussed in this message concerns that work … Read more