Facing the Future

The keys words in the title give the subject matter. There is a fact which we all must FACE; and that is: the FUTURE is coming. Whether the prognosis is good or bad – whether we want it to come or not – the FUTURE is coming – we must FACE IT. What is in the FUTURE? Jesus already gave us the answer: TRIBULATION.

The scriptures tell us that God has His purpose in TRIBULATION. But the future will require FAITH. In fact, Jesus will be looking for that FAITH when He returns. True FAITH brings us into a place of REST. The FUTURE will also require WISDOM – the WISDOM of HUMILITY and SIMPLICITY. There is much we can learn from four creatures which are “small but wise”; the ANT, the LOCUST, the LIZARD, and the ROCK HYRACES.

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Facing the Future - Part 1
Facing the Future - Part 2
Facing the Future - Part 3
Facing the Future - Part 4

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