Headship, Leadership & The Body

Another Look at Consensus in the Church

It is currently in vogue in certain movements in the Western Church to criticize church leaders for usurping the Headship of Christ in the Church. I agree that, generally speaking, this is a valid criticism. But, I but would like to also point out that people in general usurp the Headship of Christ much more often than church leaders. This makes sense simply because of the fact that there are more people than leaders in the Church. But, the more accurate statement would be that human beings, church leaders and people alike, are very guilty of usurping the Headship of Christ in the Church.

I am absolutely for the Headship of Christ in the Church – it is my passion. I just don’t think that the Headship of Christ is contrary to leadership in the Church. And, obviously, leadership in the Church should not be contrary to the Headship of Christ!

The issue is the Headship of Christ – not whether leaders get to “push their weight around” and “run the show”, nor is it about whether all the people get the opportunity to “share what’s on their hearts” and “have their say”. The issue is the pre-eminence of Christ and “hearing what the Spirit is saying to the churches”.

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Headship, Leadership & The Body

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