Christ Is Prerequisite for Church

Introduction   Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church. We cannot discern the Body until we first discern the Head. We cannot understand the mystery of the Church until we understand the mystery of Christ. Jesus is building His Church through revelation of Himself. As we pursue the revelation of Christ, He builds … Read more

Apostolic Discipleship

“Discipleship”[1] In my article, Discipleship & the Equipping Ministries[2], I discuss at length the particular ministry relationships between a disciple and an apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher. Here, I would like to identify that which each of these Christ-appointed ministries have in common: “Apostolicity”. “Apostolic” “… He gave gifts to men…. And He gave the apostles, … Read more

Apostolic Interpretation of Prophetic Scriptures

How does one properly interpret the prophetic scriptures in the Old Testament? The same way the apostolic writers of the New Testament interpreted the prophetic scriptures in the Old Testament – recognizing God’s progressive revelation of Christ and His New Covenant. Interpreting in Light of Jesus as Lord and Christ Acts 2:30-36 30 “So because he … Read more