W.D. Furioso

A Call to God-Centered Art

As a call to God-centered art, this article offers Christians involved in the various art forms a foundation for a biblical aesthetic. The attributes of God, revealed in His creation, in His written word, and in His Living Word, Jesus Christ, are the conceptual forms by which we perceive and communicate our expressions and reflections of God. Therefore, the calling of a Christian artist is to communicate through works of art his perceptions of God and His attributes. (26 pages)

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Art & True Spirituality

Art as an Essential Form of Worship Including some Cautionary Thoughts for Christian Artists  Through his works of art, the Christian artist can “magnify the Lord” by “telling of His glory”, often without words, through reflecting on the attributes of God, which are “the radiance of His glory”. This is an essential form of worship which, like other forms or worship and prayer, can act as a bridge – a “Jacob’s Ladder”, as it were – in which a work

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